Fight Stories

My mom fights like a girl (poem by 14 year-old Katie)

We received this recently, but had difficulty posting to our blog due to some difficulties with Word Press. Our thanks to Melanie and Katie for their patience and their sharing…
“My name is Melanie Bryant and I am a breast cancer survivor. Yesterday my daughter (age 14) wrote a poem about my battle. I have attached [...]

Tiffany’s Fight Story of inspiration

I would like to tell you about my mother in law. Her name is Linda Carson. She lives in Carnesville and is the wife of Leon Carson. Leon is the pastor of Compassion Baptist Church in Carnesville. She is the strongest person I know.
She battled breast cancer in 2001 and won that battle. During that [...]

Cancer Survivor Designs Hospital Gowns with a Difference

By Monique Jessen | Thursday, July 15, 2010 5:30 AM ET   from
Fed up with “drab” hospital gowns while undergoing treatment for breast cancer, Brenda Jones learned how to sew and created her own. Now, her “Hug Wraps” bring joy to patients all over the world.
Brenda Jones felt as if her world had ended when [...]

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Amy’s Fight Story

My name is Amy and in April 2008 I was diagnosed & survived breast cancer.
My family history is fluent in cancer and when my mother’s sister was diagnosed in 2004, it made me want to get a mammogram.
I had no warning signs but just felt compelled to have this test. My family doctor at that [...]

There’s HOPE in unexpected places

Although we realize this is only tangentially related to breast cancer, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to pass along this excerpted version of an inspiring story that recently appeared in the New York Times…
November 25, 2009
Learning His Body, Learning to Dance
Gregg Mozgala, a 31-year-old actor with cerebral palsy, had 12 years of [...]

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Risk for Breast Cancer Recurrence Decreased by Lifestyle Changes

A new study published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology (published online September 8, 2009) has found that obesity, alcohol use and smoking all significantly increase the risk for new occurrences of breast cancer among breast cancer survivors.
The risk was especially high in women who were current smokers and who consumed one or more alcoholic drinks [...]

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Anne Bryson’s story, as told by her daughter, Megan

It was in October and the imaging center was giving away free pink HOPE t-shirt for annual mammograms. My mom had never had a mammo so I begged her to have a mammo so she could get me a free tshirt. She went in and they found a pea sized knot on her mammo, they [...]

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Life Is Worth Fighting For

The innocence of those early encounters were now jarringly abridged by the casket we had just carried…